Excellent and Extended

Our Seminary started from a vision of the highest quality of evangelical theological education extended into places and people who don't typically have an access to such an education. WWES is an interdenominational and evangelical faith mission.

Our Goals
  • To equip Christian leaders all around the world with theological knowledge and Biblical interpretation skills.
  • To promote theological vision rooted in evangelical distinctives, broadly understood.
  • To provide Biblical-theological foundations for designing ministry applications for local needs.
  • To facilitate the creation of contextualized theologies in various national and cultural contexts.
  • We affirm the statement of faith given by The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.
Accessibility and Cost of Education

If you live in an English-speaking country you have a multitude of options for studying the Bible and theology from a solid evangelical perspective. This is not the case in many parts of the world. Also, only a few of us have opportunity and resources to travel frequently or stay in residence for extension classes in a foreign country. Usually, there is a vast amount of expenses involved even before you have started to learn anything.

We have minimized the cost of education. We have a lean organization and minimum overhead. Our professors, instructors, mentors, and administrators are all volunteers.

Worldwide Evangelical Seminary is open to everyone who fulfills the eligibility criteria. However, we developed this educational ministry especially for gifted Christian pastors, elders, and teachers in countries that have a growing church but posses few financial resources.

Our scholarship and financial aid schedule support this goal.

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