For less privileged Christian leaders and teachers we offer up to 100% financial aid that will cover all the fees for the program.

This is possible because our seminary is a faith mission committed to God's service, and people around the world want to support this mission by contributing it by their time or money - or both.

After all, a lack of financial resources should not be an obstacle to learning God's Word or a hindrance for proper theological preparation for ministry.

Registration Fees
  • 1st Certificate program: $200
  • DipTh and 2nd BA: $300
  • MA and ExtMA: $500
  • 1st Certificate program: $1375 ($75 per credit)
  • DipTh and 2nd BA: $2250 ($75 per credit, no charge for internships)
  • MA and Ext.MA: $4080 ($85 per credit for 48 credits)

An official transcript can be sent directly to another institution upon request.

Financial Aid

If you are a practicing pastor or teacher in a church, Bible school, mission agency, etc., we don't charge the registration fees if you

  • live and work in a country of low or moderate average purchasing power (see yellow and orange countries on the map) AND
  • give an account of your limited financial resources in your application.
Global Justice scholarship

You can receive this scholarship if (all must apply) you

  • are a practicing teacher in a Bible school/theological seminary, a leader in a denominational role, or otherwise a key person in your national ministry
  • live and work in a country with GDP (PPP) is below $10,000 per capita (see the map below)
  • document that your actual financial situation is dire and you can't afford the education otherwise
  • can give a rationale why and how your church, denomination or agency will benefit from your further theological education.

This scholarship covers your tuition 100%.

Our Global Coverage

Our programs are available for anyone, anywhere, but our scholarship structure is designed for Christian leaders and teachers who might need a discounted - or free - access to theological education.

The map below is color-coded according to Purchasing Power Parity index, an advanced indicator that expresses a relative financial standing of the population in a given geographical area.

In our system, people in some countries (orange = PPP less than $10.000 a year) are automatically eligible for discounted fee structure, and others may also apply for these scholarships (see above).

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