Engaging Theology in the Public Sphere

Over the years, theology as a discipline has attracted lots of questions and criticisms. While some have accused the discipline of being utterly useless outside Christian circles, others have a different opinion. The reality is that theology should be held in very high esteem because it principally revolves around God — the Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent.

Engagement with the realities of life transcends mere objective or comparative analysis as offered by the sciences and some other disciplines. While it is true that other disciplines have contributed greatly to the human race, they do not have the capacity to look outside our own perspectives in order to meaningfully engage with the great puzzles and questions that have always stared humanity in the face.

The practice of theology should not be exclusively restricted to the ecclesia as most people seem to think. It should be properly packaged and deployed to the public sphere where it can effectively be engaged in issues or challenges associated with the present realities in our multicultural and globalized world.

This brief paper aims to look at theology as an academic discipline that can be effectively deployed to address human challenges and add substantive value to various areas of human existence.

Moses George, ThD

Moses George, is an Associate Professor at Worldwide Evangelical Seminary, Nova Scotia – Canada and Member of the Post Graduate Faculty and Head of Online Studies at Leadership Christian College and Seminary, Kaduna – Nigeria

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  1. Thanks Dr. Moses George for coming up with this wonderful topic in a time like this. Please, I will like to have your contact, especially your email address so as to connect with you in person to direct me on how to study for MA, and ThD.

    Stanley (Nigeria)

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