Zero Tolerance AI Policy

In recent times, we have observed an increasing use of AI-generated content in submissions, including forum responses, starting from mid-2023. Like plagiarism, submitting AI-generated text as original student work is academic cheating and is not be tolerated in WWES.

In light of these developments, we are implementing a strict policy to maintain the integrity of our academic community.

Effective March 22, 2024, we are introducing a zero-tolerance policy towards AI-generated content submitted as student’s original work:

  1. Immediate Suspension for New Violations: If AI-generated content is detected in NEW posts or submissions, the offending student account will be immediately suspended, and transcripts will not be issued.
  2. Systematic Cheating: Should it be determined, at the discretion of the President, that a student's use of AI for cheating in PAST or ongoing courses had been blatantly systematic and substantial, their account will be immediately suspended without amnesty, and no transcripts will be issued.
  3. Consequences of Suspension: Students who are suspended due to AI-content violations will not be eligible to receive transcripts for any courses, regardless of completion time (i.e., pre-2023).
  4. Clarifications on Tool Usage: This policy does not extend to the use of computer-assisted bibliography tools or spell- and grammar-checking software. Our detection methodologies are sophisticated enough to differentiate between this legitimate use and the misuse of AI for academic dishonesty.

Policy Non-Acceptance

We understand this policy may not align with everyone's views. Students who find this policy disagreeable are encouraged to seek educational opportunities elsewhere that align more closely with their perspectives on academic integrity.

If you choose not to accept this policy, please email with the subject "Please cancel my account". After verifying eligibility (i.e., no credits were earned through dishonest means), we will proceed to issue your transcript, delete your data, and deactivate your account.

If you agree with this policy, no response is needed.

We take these measures to preserve the value of our academic programs and the hard work of our honest and diligent students. Your understanding and cooperation are highly appreciated.

Please note that there is an amnesty window on March 22 - May 1, 2024 for old students to replace their AI-generated work with original student work. This opportunity was communicated by email on March 22. The amnesty window is not an option for new students.