Insights from the Gospels: Synoptics and John

The rationale for this article is to distinguish the Synoptic Gospels from the Gospel of John, clarify what the Synoptic Gospels are, and to expound briefly on the Gospel of John, which belongs to a class of its own.

The paper brings to light the historical-critical tools employed in the study of the Gospels, with particular attention to the impact of the early Church Fathers on the formulation and promulgation of these historical-critical tools.

Readers must take into serious consideration the gospel messages of these Evangelists, whose words have been canonized as authoritative for Christendom to reflect what is contained therein, helping to fulfill God’s mission.

Download the full article here.

Author: Alexander K. Oduro, An Elder of Church of Pentecost and WWES’ Instructor

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