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  1. Hi Brethren:
    I am Bro.Francis Lavel.Roberts iv from Liberia.who lost his parents that was paying my tuition at the grand kru bible college in our seventeen years old senseless civil war.since i lost my parents i am not in school so i came on the internet looking for a good theological seminary in denmark.why searching on the internet,i got your address through search engine.i am kindly asking your to please grant me a scholarship so i can continue my study in theology.

    Bro.Francis L.Roberts iv

  2. This is very interesting programs, it is a program of uplifting the name of our lord Jesus christ, by preaching, growing in His words, and extend His kingdom. Many women and men, have heart of serving their lord Jesus christ, through learning this course. I thank those who initiated this program of free learning programs, God bless you. Yes it wealthy to win more souls back to our lord Jesus christ. However iam interested to join this program.

  3. My name is Evans Kwabena Forson a pastor from Ghana and l have both Associate and Bachelor Degree in Theology .l would like to continue my Masters in your school so that l will be fully equip to know God more and make Him known by others.

  4. I love this since it gives best education which makes us to have full knowledge on bible

  5. I like this college since it provide knowledge and enables us to be more competent

  6. I will like to apply for a deploma in theology ,I’m a lay preacher / Sunday school teacher from united church of Zambia.

  7. Hello I am Sonam from Bhutan country
    I would like to study bachelor degree in your college

    I am missionary since 2011

  8. Kindly consider my application. I discovered that I am a Prophet on 16th of July 2022 when the spirit of God entered me and saved me from spiritual attack of insanity and death. I went into Prophecies for many hours in my room and started walking to the street prophetically. Instead of insanity the Lord manifested and use my mouth to expose what the devil wanted do. Jesus wins!

    Hallelujah! I am alive and sound. Amen!

  9. I really want to be resourceful in evangelizing the word of God but I really don’t have money.

  10. I’m a Tanzanian boy aged 20 years old.Iam the University student,at the University of Dodoma found in Tanzania.Studying the Bachelor of Arts in Translation and Interpretation.Languages learned; Kiswahili, English and Chinese.Thanks!

  11. Thanks for a good work you perform,Iam interested to join the Bible studies at your college.Be blessed by the Almighty God.

  12. I’m so much interested in your your college as it offers quality of services. Which improve many students to be gospel carriers.

    Iam also called to carry gospel and I want to acquire knowledge for a ministry

  13. Thanks for this opportunity for those who seek the Word of Lord deeply in their hearts like me.

  14. Iam a volunteer praise and worship pastor in a church in a town called Eldoret{Langas slims} in Kenya..
    I want to pursue a certificate in theology so that I can equip myself with the pastoral knowledge to spread the gospel in my neighborhood slum area!!

    1. We are living in an educated world, so to cope with life we need educated ministers of the gospel. That’s why I wish to pursue my bachelor’s degree in theology as I have a diploma now.

  15. I’m eligible to join this theological studies, I have done the deploma with International school of Ministry.

    1. Hello I’m Bishop Ongeimungu Solomon from Uganda, Working under Pentecostal Chruches of Uganda (PCP).I have my Sertificates, and Diploma in Theology, so I wanted to pusuer Degree,and Master Degree in order to be effective Leader. Thank you for your consideration if you will give me Schalship to study the word of God.

  16. It is Good that you have answered God’s calling. You will now find true peace. May. God help you complete what you have started in. Jesus’ naml to

  17. I am studying seculary but not satisfy.something is less in my life I am felling then God gave vision so I will do ministry long life.

  18. helo sir, I am pastor sohail masih living in karachi sindh pakistan, i want to join biblical seminary studies, to do research work work in Christ, I am senior pastor serving the lord, He is the one our sources of everything, we need Jesus Christ, Go and preach the Gosple in South Asian Coutry. i need more in deep knowlege to bring more fruits in Christ.
    i want to join i need scholarship 100%.

  19. Hi sir i have completed Bacholar of Theology since 2015 then after l have enter into church ministry in kottayam ,kerala, india there for im not able to continue my further stuadies (master digree) also i have lots of financal crises So that i could not study but still i would like to study .if you can help realy happy i expect your answer

  20. Dear Sir,
    l am pleased to connect with you.
    to go straight, l need to be ordain by great men of God, before that l have to be train in bible school.
    Frankly speaking, l do not have money to finance my bible study program.
    l am pleading if you can offer me admission with 100% scholarship.
    sir, whatever l lay my hands on becomes useless and wealth less, until l discovered l have the call of God on me.
    l cant progress until l fulfil this mission. l would like your administration to help me to achieve God’s purpose for my life in this end time.
    even if you can get a sponsor to fulfil God’s plan for his lost sheep this end time, l will be grateful to you and shall receive his abundant blessings.
    l am waiting for your reply.
    Thank you.

    Bismark Oppong

  21. i tried again to submit my application but the system would not allow me to. I stated my reason why I reapply .I hope you find this in order. thank you.

  22. Dear pastor loving greetings to you in the name of Jesus Llewllyn john David from India Karnataka .my parents are God’s servants.doing ministry among the Hindu people . children ministry villages ministry like gospel ministry.and other s . pastor i would like to study in your college please pray for me .and give me one chance

  23. Hello, I would like to apply for BTH Program, being A pastor I feel the much need for more Knowledge.
    and iam interested in studying with your institution

  24. All my life, i have wish to belong to a bible school which will help build my morals and also help me impact the lifes to people arround me. I gray u grand my request in studing in your college

  25. I would like to apply for a master’s program in the Bible and theology seing that I have a Bachelor’s degree which I sent to you from Global Education mission in U S.A.

  26. The reason why Am trying to submit my application is that i want to resume the course but i do not know where to begin from, when i used the then email address,, the system will deny me access

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