Teaching and Learning

Our program has four main components: literature, online learning environment, instructors, and your ministry. In other words, you study the literature in an online environment with the help of our instructors, in your ministry context.

Because the substance and content of the learning comes from the literature, we have selected it according to strict criteria.

Our textbooks represent an evangelical standpoint (conservative or moderate), are easy to read for an ESL/EFL* student, are written by renowned scholars on the field, contribute the curriculum and course objectives in an effective way, are available by online retailers, are positively reviewed by peers (other scholars) and end users (students), are not translations into English, and are widely in use in evangelical educational institutions.

This way, you'll use your valuable study time with the best available literature that builds up your knowledge and theological vision. The whole curriculum has been designed using the best available expertise in educational sciences, applied to theological education from missional perspective. Our innovative program connects international resources with your local ministry, in order to facilitate your learning and professional development.

Our instructors and professors have an extensive familiarity with the subject area and literature that you study, and they are ready to interact with students. They answer your questions and will support your learning in all possible ways. Unlike in many traditional programs, interacting with students is the primary role of an instructor in our program.

* ESL/EFL = English as a Second or Foreign Language

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