Course Availability

Our courses are available here:

Term System

There are four three-month terms in each academic year:

  • Fall Term: 1.9.-30.11.
  • Winter Term: 1.12.-28.2.
  • Spring Term: 1.3.-30.5.
  • Summer Term: 1.6.-31.8.

There are no courses dedicated to a specific term; all courses are available all the time.

Grading Schedule

All assignments for all courses will be graded according to the term schedule. For example, an assignment with a due date September 30 will be graded by October 15.

The final grading period will be two weeks following the end of a term. During the final grading period, all assignments will be reviewed (even if the student has missed the original due dates), in addition to final projects, reading reports, and the feedback. This means more flexibility for the individual workload.

A student may expect comprehensive grading for all coursework submitted by the last day of term.

If a student misses the final grading deadline (i.e. final projects and feedback is not in), course grade registration will take all the submitted work into account, if the average is greater than 60% (less than 60% = Fail). If the student submits more assignments, there will be new grading at the end of the following term (i.e. three months later), and the course grade will be updated automatically.

Enrolments and Records

Each student must select courses independently following their program; it is recommended to work only on one to four courses at the time. Because all courses are available all the time, there is no reason to take unreasonable workloads.

A student will be automatically unenrolled from a course after 90 days of inactivity. That applies to completed courses as well. Course grades will be recorded and maintained in the Registry.

A Registry transcript of all completed coursework is available upon request for appropriate reasons.

Course Keys

All course keys will be available and are sent periodically to all students. It is student’s responsibility to save the keys and be enrolled in appropriate courses. A student must not pass on the keys to anyone.