We answer some typical questions quite frequently. Here you will some of those questions and our answers to them.

How do I know if I'm eligible for financial aid?

The easiest way of knowing that is to send an application. You apply for a program and financial aid package using the same form. There is also a lot of background information on this page.

I don't want to do online studies. Can I study at your campus in Canada?

No, because we don't have a campus. Our program is 100% online. However, there are local Bible schools and theological seminaries that offer our courses at their location.

I have a problem with my assignment. Who should I contact?

You should contact the instructor of the course, not the office or admin.

I need to take a break. Do I lose my seat or financial aid?

No, you don't lose anything. Take a break. Remember to save your unfinished work offline. If you have difficulties to access the system or your courses, contact the office.

I can't send my work using the assignment submission area. Can I send it by email?

Typically, no. That is the last resort. Check again if the previous assignment is properly done. Read instructions one more time. Sometimes you must submit your response AND reply to one or two other posts before the following assignment opens.

I don't have internet access or computer. Can you send me printed course materials by mail?

In brief: no. You must solve that problem some other way.

I have a problem. Can you help?

First of all, you must be more specific than that. What is the problem? What is the course? What did you do, or what you are trying to do? What is your name? What is the program you are taking? Use the form below to explain the issue and request help.


7 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)”

  1. Kindly help please, I have been admitted to study 2nd B. A. in Bible and Theology and am finding it difficult to login into the orientation course. It keeps saying “invalid login”. How do I solve this problem? Thank you.

  2. Greetings in the name of our lord Jesus! i was recently granted admission to study the ”DipTH: Diploma in Theological Studies”, and am finding difficult to start the orientation course. it keeps saying ‘incorrect enrolment key’. how do I solve this problem? thank you

  3. I have passed through all and I appreciate for the good work you are doing for the Lord . I would like how I can start this Bible study , I applied but I’m not yet understood how to start officially because I’m not yet used with online studies

  4. Question1.
    Why did I applied for this course
    *For me to apply for this course,it was a very special call extremely special call.I’m a lawyer by profession but I counted all as vanity. vividly from the bottom of the heart when I received an admission letter I celebrated because it was beyond my expectations. I realized that God has taken over. He started this journey by Himself on my behalf.
    What are my expectations
    *my expectations is to see number of people repenting from their sinful nature of life and turn to God. And this can be done by teaching them biblical truth.
    What are the concern
    * my most concern as to why I chosen to study online program is because it is extremely convinient to me since I do not have special specified time to study. I can do it just by myself conveniently.
    About my call, vision and future plans.the fact about my call it is unique and special. Being a professional lawyer it was very difficult to accept the call till God changed everything in my life. I tried to do many great things by my knowledge and power but I show every plan destructed.
    In addition, i began dreaming about preaching before the congregation praying for the sick. This didn’t happen once but it was occasionally. one day when I was having a street walk,confusingly I met with children who were playing football. when they show me they ran across to me. amazingly they called me pastor! Truly I shaded tears without break!my mind was full of questions my head was like a question machine but nobody answered my questions. The name pastor ruled over and over.
    One time when I was watching a certain channel on television,one pastor who was preaching about God’s alter ,the power of God’s alter, that when God want to use you, He has to change everything inside the chosen and anointed one. He said that even if you refuse to God’s call He has the potential to turn everything against your expectations. Indeed he summarized that Paul had plans to kill but God changed his life Jonah refused the tender call of God but you are the one to acomprish my mission to the people of nineva. he now I’m speaking to you who is watching truly he was talking to me.I really made my mind and accepted the call.it took me time to pray over the call with some conditions but God exalited Himself.I requested for me to be a true worshiper. After I 100% accepted the call, my greatest future plans is lead many to the kingdom of God by preaching true and living gospel.

  5. I need your help. i have not been active since the onset of the covid19 due to its effect on my family which resulted into some death, hence disturbing my studies. i have gone as far as BI-6103 in my persuit of MA: in Bibnle and Theology. I need you help if i could be re-admitted to continue my studies. my particulas find below, thank you
    Application #1310: FREDERICK Bwalya, ZM
    Email: fredbwalya@icloud.com
    Date processed: 2018-09-27 03:50:01
    Prior education: undergraduate
    Theological education: Two years or more.
    Program accepted: M.A. in Bible and Theology (48 cr.)

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