1. General

The student agrees to

  • Maintain Christian character and personal morality at the level that is typically required for ordained ministers in Christian churches.
  • If there will be any violation in kind that could compromise one’s status in local Christian community (infidelity, use of alcohol or illegal substances, ungodly behavior etc.), the student must inform the seminary in written, and all scholarships will be placed “in hold” until the issue is resolved.
  • If the seminary gets informed from other sources (a mentor, reference person, other students, a local community) that there are issues of this nature, the scholarships will be cancelled and can’t be restored again.

2. When starting studies

The student must demonstrate his/her ability to use the online learning environment. This is done by

  • completing one’s user profile with a good facial photo, description of oneself, and a list of interests,
  • writing about one’s story, ministry and goals in a discussion area, and
  • completing an orientation assignment (no books required) in the first course of one’s program.
  • If appicable, the student will also promote the seminary in his/her social network (Facebook, Twitter, blog etc.) informing one’s friends and followers about the opportunity to study in the seminary.

3. While studying

  • The student agrees to study diligently, and will complete courses in recommended time (3 credit course in 3 months) OR to apply extension time in timely manner.
  • Upon request, there can be a maximum of one year (1 year) of continuous no-study time. There can be breaks between courses (i.e. no enrolment into a new course after completing a previous one), but no longer than six months.
  • The student agrees to express exemplary behavior in the learning community by striving to assist other students in their study related goals and problems and maintaining a positive dialogue with other students
  • The student will frequently promote the seminary and endorse its goals, both in one’s local and national Christian community and online environment.
  • The student grants the seminary a permission to use his/her texts related to this policy in discrete communication for promotional and fundraising purposes. No personal information or photos of the student will be disclosed to the public without written approval of the student.

4. After graduation

If applicable, the student strives to become a mentor or instructor for new and future students in the seminary, and/or aims at founding a study group in his/her region.


A student must read through this policy and indicate his/her agreement with this policy by sending an email to