On COVID-19 by Alexander Oduro, Ghana

Ban of Mass Religious Convoking Attributable To COVID-19 Pandemic: Theological Implications

My response paper (download, below) seeks provide answers to the ban of mass religious gatherings, a global phenomenon believed to have rendered some leaders and members of the body of Christ spiritually unstable and thoughtfully provoked, from the theological perspective, while bringing to bear its related theological implications for the Church, both local and universal, and the world at large. Biblical and extra-biblical materials were employed as fundamental means of rectifying all forms of erroneous mindsets and behaviors contrary to Scripture at these challenging times in the history of the Church and the world, to aid clarification of the issue at stake. An extensive reservation was exercised on the COVID-19 pandemic owing to its ubiquitous nature in all countries of the globe. The paper is categorized into four concise sections for the purpose of the topic under discussion and concludes with the writer’s personal remarks.

Theological Implications On COVID-19 by Alexander Oduro

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