COVID-19 and the Church

What is an appropriate Christian response to the current situation with the Global pandemic? This series presents various viewpoints as outlined by WWES’s faculty.

A student of WWES approached us with a question concerning the current situation with COVID-19. Governments all around the world have set restrictions on large gatherings, Christian worship services included.

Here is the message:

Dear Students and Professors of World Wide Evangelical Seminary,

I am overwhelmed by what is taking place these days. It is about the governments instituting measures to enforce “Social Distancing” to stop and the spread of the pandemic spread of the COVID-19 that increasingly entail restrictions also for the way the Church gathers, especially for worship.

My government called for this and closed schools for 15 days. It also called for churches not to gather in Churches for an unknown time, and churches are echoing that members stay at home for two weeks. The same is also true in many countries in the world. I am in a dilemma as to the Church’s response. You may feel what that means.

On the one hand, if the Church denies the call and the people continued to gather, and this resulted in the spread of the Pandemic, it will be a problem. We may harm our fellow brothers and sisters that we love and care for by transmitting the virus to them.

On the other hand, stopping gathering where there is blessing and healing and prayers for the world is another problem. When we gather, we share many things, including worship and holy communion. We also miss the encouragement from our fellow brothers and sisters.

So, I want to hear your stand concerning the call and restriction. I would like to learn your answers to the following questions.

  • What is your opinion, and what should be our response to the social distancing of people to prevent the CORONA-Virus Pandemic?
  • Should the Church follow and support the restrictions that governments are putting in place to promote and protect life or gather and make prayers to the family, nation, and the world?
  • Can in these times of a global pandemic like COVID 19, not to gather in one place for worship is an be an expression of our love, compassion, care, and solidarity?

I am reading and trying to see the theological implication of this social distancing and want to hear from you what your stand is.

Stay blessed!

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